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Our Story

Sugaholics began its journey in 2017 as Royal Bakers and is today a reputable cake shop in the heart of London, renowned across the UK for its quality, taste, and meticulous attention to design.

Baking is not only our profession but rather our very reason for being.

Our enduring love and passion for the fine craft of cake-making are evidenced in every product that leaves our shop.

We look forward to making your next occasion more memorable.

About Sugaholics

Our Mission

Healthy Food

Food safety is at the heart of everything we do and we take it very seriously. We follow industry-leading health & safety guidelines so you can be confident that every Sugaholics product is safe and healthy for your loved ones.


Satisfied Customers

Our customers demand exceptional service, quality, and taste. And rightfully so.

At Sugaholics, we stand behind our commitment to the highest standards of quality and are always actively seeking your feedback to help us meet and exceed your expectations.


Quality Products

We spend a disproportionate amount of time developing our range to provide you with high quality,market-leading flavours, textures and concepts at fair prices.

Every product is meticulously checked before they leave our shop to make sure they meet our exacting standards and put a smile on your face.

What We Deliver

Unlike many of our competitors, we pride ourselves on the fact that every Sugaholics product is handmade and freshly produced in our kitchen by us with great love and care.

Our cakes are lovingly crafted with the finest ingredients available and in a variety of exciting flavors and toppings.

Personalize your cake with your own message or upload a photo of our choice or even choose a design from our website.

If you like the way they look you’ll love the way they taste

Don’t see a design you like on our website? Let us know and we will design it especially as per your exact instructions.


Our Commitment

Our commitment to excellence stems from our true passion for the dying art of artisanal cake-making.

Our customers are our greatest critics and cheerleaders – they thankfully hold us accountable to the high standards that we have made them accustomed to. For that very reason, we continue to develop, evaluate, and improve our performance.

We are not trying to be better than anyone else, but rather focus on continually delivering upon our commitments to make your next celebration more memorable.

We Accept Last-Minute Birthday Cake Orders At Short Notice & Offer Same Day Delivery Across London